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Revolutionize your retail viewpoint.

The Business of Omni-Channel Retail is a day-long forum for business executives to exchange ideas with industry luminaries and shape the future of retail. From idea to impact, the conference will drive connections, conversations and creation.

To stay connected with customers, the retail industry has had to shift how it connects with the consumer. With the rise of social channels and mobile devices you need to ensure your entire ecosystem, including brand platforms and customer experiences are aligned – everything from brick and mortar stores, catalogs and e-commerce sites to brand websites, mobile apps and social networks.

The Business of Omni-Channel Retail Conference will stimulate dialogue designed to change the retail landscape. Join your peers and the retail industry’s leading authorities for a full day of discussion and mind share.




Tuesday, October 08



Session 1

A view from the front

Speaker: RSR Research

Description: Wondering about industry readiness and capabilities for the new omni-channel supply chain? This summer, SPS Commerce and RSR Research jointly conducted a benchmark survey across the retail ecosystem to find out. At this session, Paula Rosenblum, a leading retail industry analyst and Managing Partner of RSR will present our findings.

Session 2

Items Leaving the catalog behind

You rely on accurate item information to provide your customers with product specifications that transform browsing to buying. Traditional catalog services are antiquated and don’t meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s retail environment – like managing the hundreds of attributes necessary for e-commerce sites. We’ll explore the benefits a scalable and flexible catalog solution can have on your merchandise and bottom line.

Session 3

CollaborationWhere is the customer and what are they buying?

Your success hinges on whether or not you understand the when, where and what of your customers’ buying habits. This task is even more daunting as a brief finger swipe enables fickle shoppers to search and complete their purchase elsewhere. Learn how sharing accurate inventory and demand insights can create a collaborative – not confrontational – relationship between retailers and suppliers that produces higher revenue, and profits.


Break for lunch 

Session 4

Sourcing The key to infinite aisle success

Omni-channel and the endless aisle phenomenon are throwing the retail world for a loop – causing retailers to seek out and provision endless sources of new products. To dominate the pack, you need to quickly identify, validate and on-board new products from viable suppliers that excel at connecting with retailer partners. Hear from executives at the forefront of the future of item sourcing, and learn how you can transform your sourcing strategy.

Session 5

Nimble supply chainWhy drop-ship changes everything, and nothing

Today’s online shopper expects to have a seamless shopping experience in store, online and on mobile devices. This experience needs to align with your brand and culture from checkout to delivery across all channels. Walk away with a clear understanding of what it will take to move your business at the speed of the customer.